Save Damaged Hair with Pantene Intense Rescue Shots

Let’s face it ladies, we put our hair through a lot. From coloring to styling, our hair loses nutrients over time becoming rougher and duller in the process. The new Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots set out to repair over-styled and over-treated hair. According to the website, “Pantene Intense Rescue Shots provide deep conditioning [and] noticeably repair extreme damage in just one use.”

The instructions are very simple; shampoo and condition as normal, spread the rescue shot throughout your hair, then rinse. It does not specify on the bottle how long to leave the product in your hair. I made sure to apply the product evenly and waited a couple minutes before washing it out. Even after a good rinse, it felt as if I had leftover conditioner in my hair, but I decided to let my hair dry and see the results.

After my hair dried, I could immediately tell it looked more healthy. My hair is naturally wavy but after using the Pantene Intense Rescue Shot I had little ringlet curls. In addition, the rescue shot tamed my normally frizzy hair, making it much easier to manage. I noticed the biggest difference on the second wash after using the rescue shot. My hair appeared more sleek and shiny. I decided to put my hair to the test against the flat iron, and to my surprise, I found less breakage and my hair looked great after styling.

If these Pantene Intense Rescue Shots were available when I was in high school, I could avoided so much hair damage. Since I did so much damage to my hair years ago, I have used many deep conditioners and other hair treatments. These rescue shots actually work and I found a noticeable difference in my hair after just one use. Personally, I can see myself using this product every 2-4 weeks, but they can be used more often if needed. For about $2 per rescue shot, this is a much easier way to achieve a deep condition without taking a trip to the salon.

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