5 Ways to Keep Busy While in Quarantine

If there’s anything I’ve learned from my days of being a broke college student, it would have to be finding ways to entertain myself on a budget. There are not a lot of differences from that mindset and the practice of social distancing. While I cannot browse stores for fun at the moment, I have found plenty of ways to stay busy while staying safe at home.


Read a Good Book

I have acquired plenty of books over the years that look really nice on my bookshelves, but I have failed to take the time to read most of them. If you are like me, this is a perfect time to finally pick up that book you have been waiting to read. From nonfiction to fantasy, there are plenty of genres out there for all types of readers. Need a book recommendation? Check out Goodreads to find the perfect book for you.

Take a Walk Outside

This time inside the house shows that I have truly taken for granted the joys of nature. Although we have battled rain over the past two weeks, I have made an effort to take a brisk walk around my neighborhood when possible. A breath of fresh air and a hint of sun really helps to lift my spirits when I have been cooped up in the house for hours on end. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to get your steps in!


Listen to a Podcast

Podcasts have definitely increased in popularity over the last couple years. Nowadays, there is a ton of content to consume wherever you find your podcasts. Comedy, Entertainment, and even True Crime; I guarantee there is a podcast out there that will strike your fancy. Generally, I rotate between several podcasts all in different genres. Podcasts provide a great opportunity to catch up with your favorite influencers or learn something new. My favorite podcasts include: Crime Junkie, Stuff You Should Know, and Business Wars.

Do a Home Workout

Like many others, this whole social distancing/quarantine period has gotten in the way of my normal exercise routine. All gyms that I frequent have been closed because they are non-essential and a health concern. Rather than lose the progress I was making before this pandemic, I have found resources to help me workout from the comfort of my home. From YouTube videos to virtual classes on the ClassPass app, I am now finding ways to work up a sweat while staying safe inside. You can find all kinds of workouts for free online to help you work up a sweat while the gyms are closed.


Learn a New Recipe

It’s been quite the balancing act of keeping my distance from people, but also figuring out what I am going to eat. In normal circumstances, I frequent grocery stores several times a week simply because I don’t plan my meals accordingly. Now, I have limited my grocery store runs and am trying to utilize food I have in my pantry. Use this time to get creative with the food you have or learn to cook something new. Once I finally took inventory of my pantry, I realized so many combinations I could create with items I already own.