I Found the Perfect Travel Razor

Summer may be over, but there is still time left in the year to plan a weekend getaway or begin making holiday preparations. Of course, with travel comes packing, and if you’re like me that is the most stressful part.

Whenever I travel, I tend to overpack. Clothes, shoes, toiletries – it seems I can never pack enough. In fact, I’m one of those people that barely manages to sneak under the 50-pound weight limit at the airport. Lately, I have been trying to minimize the number of items I take in my suitcase, and toiletries serve as one of those problem categories where I always pack too much.

I struggle with packing toiletries because I worry about losing my daily use items; therefore, I tend to buy disposable toiletries to last through the trip. The same rule applies to my razor. Generally, I pack a travel razor to easily dispose of once the vacation is over; however, this also means that I must pack some kind of shave gel to go with. There has got to be a better way.

To my surprise there is a better way; it’s called the Schick Intuition razor. This product combines the razor and shaving cream into one package, eliminating the need to buy or pack both. With the help of the shaving cream, this razor glides effortlessly across your skin, leaving the area nice and smooth. The shaving cream also contains Aloe, which gently moisturizes sensitive skin as you shave.

I primarily use a men’s razor because I can achieve a much closer shave, but for travel purposes, I think the Schick Intuition will become my new go-to. It’s also super affordable! The Schick Intuition starter pack, containing the handle and two razor blade refills, retails for under $7.50 on Amazon. Aside from a great deal, this shaving cream/razor duo means no more stressing over whether I remembered to pack all of my toiletries. Give this razor a try on your next vacation and you can travel carefree just like me!